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Most people know that having their mattresses regularly cleaned is good for their health. Mattresses even when vacuumed regularly tend to collect oil, dust, and dead skin which provides a feast for dust mites and other tiny pests. Periodically having your mattresses steamed clean will keep those pest as bay, and leave your mattresses smelling fresh and clean.

The same holds true of the rest of your upholstery. Your sofa, chairs, loveseats and other upholstered furniture are all subject to accumulating dust, oils, stains and even harboring odors and miniscule pests. In addition, your window curtains or blinds can also do with periodic professional cleaning.


Should You Clean Your Upholstery Yourself or Hire a Professional

While there is little doubt that you want to keep your upholstery clean and odor free the big decision is whether or not it is better to do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning service. While it might be a little cheaper to do it yourself, you have to consider everything cleaning upholstery yourself involves. You will likely need to hire a steam cleaner, but a cleaning solution, and spend the time to actually clean that upholstery. In addition, unless you have experience at removing stains and odors you may get the job done only to discover that your furniture doesn’t look or smell as clean you might wish.

On the other hand hiring a professional cleaning service like Gilroy Carpet Cleaning may cost you a few dollars more than cleaning your upholstery yourself, but our technicians have the training and the skills to clean your upholstery and window treatments thoroughly and completely and leave it looking and smelling totally clean. We will leave your upholstery as clean as you would, if you had professional training. Brooklyn, NY Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Can Prolong the Life of Your Furniture

The truth is that having your upholstery professionally cleaned can actually prolong the life of your not only your upholstery, but your furniture itself. Whether that upholstery is leather or some type of fabric knowing the right way to clean each fabric can make a huge difference in keeping it from fading or ruining the fabric. Carpet Cleaning Gilroy can clean all types of upholstery including:

  • Leather and suede
  • Velvet
  • Silk
  • Mattress Material
  • natural and synthetic fabrics
  • handmade and machine made materials

Brooklyn, NY Upholstery Cleaning

In addition our professional upholstery cleaning service is trained to clean your curtains and blinds and those beautiful tapestries you have in your home. We use only the best organic cleaning products and the most up to date processes to clean and protect your upholstery. We not only deep clean your upholstery, but we are skilled at removing those stains and odors breathing new life into your furniture and prolonging it’s usefulness. If you have any questions about Upholstery cleaning services or want to make an appointment to have your mattresses and other upholstery cleaned by our skilled professionals then give us a call at (408) 658-0609 or talk to our online representative and let us know what we can do for you.